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Ali is remarkably astute, creative and talented professional offering broad-based experience across all genres; commercials, Documentaries, corporate Videos, long and short narrative films. Demonstrates paramount efforts in Cinematography, Directing and Editing with comprehensive skills in creative development and artistic visualisation. Exemplifies in-depth knowledge in managing

multiple projects from concept development through execution and delivery while meeting all requirements. Excels highly in team work and always works beyond his capabilities to fulfill the desired goals. Accustomed to working and establishing win-win relationships in all situations, and an extreme capability to multitask in fiercely competitive, stressful, and fast-paced environments.


With the experience over the years of working in the broadcast and filmmaking industry Ali brings with him not just enormous experience but a passion and dedication that just gets stronger with time. Ali is available as a Cinematographer, Editor and Director with experience across multiple genres from Documentaries, Corporate Videos, Narrative fiction, commercials to Music videos.

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