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Ali Musoke, a perfect man on the filmmaking job

Ali Musoke is an Independent Filmmaker and Cinematographer with experience spanning over 9 years in the film Industry . Ali’s venture into filmmaking comes from the inner feelings of telling visual artistic stories that can create a portal for human and society transformation.

At higher education Ali learnt filmmaking in film school and also attended various film workshops. After, he devoted all his time to creative filmmaking on independent and client based projects. He also now carries out filmmaking mentorship to the growing talented young generation in Africa.

He has worked on a number of international and local projects. From commercials, documentaries to Long and Short narrative films and corporate videos. Ali’s visual creativity and artistic abilities have been highly recognised. Over the years, he has refined his style and ability as a cinematographer with an eye for naturally motivated lighting, inspired movement and poetic composition. He constantly stretches his creative abilities and experimenting with new technology and he has experience with almost all the professional cameras on the market.

With a growing experience, portfolio and network as well as the desire to continue pushing the boundaries of visual story telling, Ali continues to expand his reach and ability as a cinematographer in this day and age where the industry has become so competitive and calling for better creativity and artistic skills.

Ali has worked for clients like HBO, National Geographic, Vitamin Angels, RutgersWPF, Hivos, Save the Children, IFAD and L.A BRUELL, Drop in the bucket among other local and international clients.


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